About us

I love Pilates, this wonderful method of movement. There are not many places where you can go to practice Pilates in Prague with a personal approach and high quality. Pilates & Flow is such a place and we devote constant care and great effort to it.

Regular Pilates exercises not only bring satisfaction, but also help with back pain, increase fitness and shape the body. 

I believe that after a few weeks of regular Pilates exercises, you will start to walk more upright, your figure will strengthen and your back will stop hurting. 

With us, you can choose and set your exercise plan so that it suits you. I recommend combining lessons on MAT with lessons on Reformers. 

If you want to be pampered and adjust the exercise to your needs, try private lessons. 

We try to make you feel comfortable with us and enjoy coming to us. 

Enjoy Pilates classes at Pilates & Flow.