Price list

MAT exercises (12 people)

Open Class MAT ( 60 min.)

Basic Price  ................. 250,- CZK             

Price with credit   ......... 210,- CZK

Reformer exercises (5 people)

Open Class Reformer ( 60 min.) 

Basic class ................ 400,- CZK             

Price with credit ........ 360,- CZK

Privat lesson (MAT/Reformer)

Privat lesson CLASIC (60 min. / 1 person) 

Basic price .......... 850,- CZK / 1 person

P10 - 10 entrance package ......... 8.000,- CZK / 1 peron (800,- CZK/entrance)

Privat lesson SPECIAL (60 min. / 1 peron with Janou Vaníčkovou)

basic price ........ 1.300,- CZK / 1 person

P10 - 10 entrance package ..... 12.500,- CZK / 1 person (1.250,- CZK/entrance)

Privat lesson DUO CLASIC (60 min. / 2 people)  

Basic price ......... 550,- CZK / 1 perons

P10 - 10 entrace package ..... 5.000,- CZK / 1 person (500,- Kč/entrance)

All prices include VAT.


The minimum value of the credit is CZK 1,000. The credit is credited to your account and you can track its use in the reservation system. After paying the credit, you can take advantage of favorable prices for individual lessons. Credit is valid for 6 months from purchase. 

Reservation for lessons

For all lessons, we recommend that you reserve your place using the reservation system. The capacity of the studio is limited and if you come to the lesson without a reservation, there may not be a free place available for you. You will see the number of free seats directly in the reservation system. If the lesson is already full, you can reserve entry as a substitute. As soon as a place becomes available in the lesson, you will automatically receive information via SMS to the phone number that you have listed in the reservation system. 

Please cancel the reservation for a lesson that you will not be able to attend as soon as possible to free up space for other interested parties. A reserved lesson that is not canceled 4 hours before the beginning of the lesson is forfeited and will automatically be deducted from the credit. If the lesson remains unpaid, the studio may request payment for the lesson and you will not be allowed to book without payment in the future. 



Cashless to bank account - 2901149477/2010 (Fio banka), you can have a payment order sent directly from the reservation system.

Cashless through the GoPay payment gateway - convenient instant payments directly in the user account in the reservation system.

Invoice for the employer - send us the invoicing requests to the email

You can find the terms and conditions in the reservation system in Czech.